Treasure Of Nadia Crafting Recipes

Treasure Of Nadia Crafting Recipes

The awesome adventure game Treasure Of Nadia was created and released by NLT Media. This unique Treasures of Nadia game is an erotic adventure game with twelve stunning women.

If you’re interested in understanding the list of crafting recipes for the Treasure of Nadia? You’ve come to the correct place because you can learn everything you need to learn about the Treasure of Nadia crafting recipes in this post. The ingredients for each recipe in Treasure of Nadia are listed in this post.

Treasure Of Nadia Crafting Recipes
Treasure Of Nadia Crafting Recipes

What is the Treasure of Nadia Crafting?

Treasure of Nadia crafting is an erotic adventure game that features twelve gorgeous. These stunning women will be encountered in this game as you explore the tunnels and jungles in pursuit of the in-game artifacts. You can also make your locks, potions, and other items in the game.

Here is a list of all the Crafting recipes currently accessible if you want to make items in the Treasures of Nadia game. Now let’s begin the guide.

Treasure Of Nadia Crafting Recipes list

The ingredients and crafting recipes for the Treasure of Nadia are provided below. Visit our Treasures of Nadia Tutorial guide if you’re interested in learning where to find in-game supplies or how to use these recipes.

  • ???-White Hair Stand x3 + Death Doll
  • Ant Killer– Fossilized Algae + Alumina + Quartz + Rusty Key
  • Aloe Potion– Aloe Plant + Ginseng Plant + Shea Butter + Basic Container
  • Blow Dart Crafting  – Bamboo + Dart + Scorpion Venom + Feather
  • Casula Temple Key Crafting – Four Temple Key Parts
  • Chest Key Crafting – Broken Key Four Time
  • Camera Repair Crafting – Broken Camera + Loose Screws + Camera Base + Small Screwdriver
  • Chlorine shock Crafting Recipe – Limestone + Container + Chlorine + Jasmine
  • Concrete Crafting Recipe – Stone talisman + White Sand + Fly Ash +Dolomite
  • Dehumidifier Crafting Recipe– Small Screwdriver + Silver ore + Broken Dehumidifier + Gold Talisman
  • Deadly Whip Crafting– Whip + Royal Talisman + Poison Thorns + Show Glue
  • God’s Shovel Crafting – God’s Shovel Handle + God’s Shovel Head + Talisman of the Gods + God’s Shovel Shaft
  • Golden Teddie Crafting – Teddy Bear + Bumpy Candle + Gold Ore + White Sand
  • Golden compass – Compass Piece Four Times
  • Grand Talisman Crafting – Gold Ore Three Times + False Talisman 
  • Hacking Tool Crafting – System BIOS + Key card + ID Card Writer + Encryption scanner
  • Jasmine Massage Oil Crafting – Basic Container + Jasmine + Rosa Moss + Love Potion
  • Jade Shovel Crafting – Shovel shaft + Shovel Hadle + Shovel Head + Jade Talisman
  • King’s Shovel -King’s Shovel Handle Three Times + Caulli’s Coin
  • Loaded Musket Crafting – Old Bullet + Cleaning Oil + Old Musket + Silver Ore
  • Metal Ladder Crafting – Silver Ore + Ladder Segment x3
  • Mystical Gas Mask Crafting – Super Goggles + Grand Talisman + Painter’s Mask + Fly Ash
  • NitroGlycerin Crafting – Soap + Sulphuric Acid + Nitric Acid + Basic Container
  • Penetrating Oil Crafting – Aloe Plant + Transmission Fluid + Nail Polish Remover + Basic Container
  • The Pirate Key Crafting – Grand Talisman + Broken Key + Pirate Medallion + Broken Key
  • Pirate Shovel Crafting – Pirate Medallion + Jade Talisman + Cursed Shovel + Gold Talisman
  • Pickaxe Crafting – Wrench Grip + Grappling Hook + Pipe Wrench + Gaffer Tape
  • Rat Trap Crafting – Gaffer Tape + Roach + Plastic Wrap + Basic Container
  • Rock Bomb Crafting – Basic Container + Silver Talisman + Nitroglycerin + Jade Talisman
  • Royal Talisman Crafting – Basic Container + Silver Talisman + Nitroglycerin + Jade Talisman
  • Silver Talisman 3X Stone Talisman, and also Silver Ore
  • Swift Shovel – Ultra Shovel Hand + Carbon Shovel Shaft + Alloy Shovel Hand + Silver Talisman
  • x3 Kam Page – 2x Talisman of The Gods + 2x Torn Page of The Same Color

Treasure of Nadia Game Navigation

Here are all the game’s navigation and control options for the Treasure of Nadia Game.

  • Right Mouse Key – Open inventory
  • F4 Key – Full screen/Windowed mode
  • Z Key – Action
  • Arrows, NumPad Key – Movement
  • F5 Key – Exit to the title screen (Without saving)
  • Left Mouse Button Key – Movement/Action
  • F3 Key – Zoom In/Out
  • X Key – Open inventory
  • F2 Key – Show FPS/MS

Treasure of Nadia Game Locations

Here is the list of the locations for the Treasure of Nadia game.

  • Cave (Clare)
  • Cemetery
  • Estero Park
  • Estero Key (Alia, Naomi)
  • Full Mast Bar (Tasha)
  • Mansion (Sofia)
  • Squallmart (Emily)
  • Library (Diana)
  • Parlor (Pricia)
  • Lighthouse
  • Doctor’s Office (Jessica)
  • Janet’s Home (Janet, Kaley)
  • Beach (Valerie)
  • Home
  • Church (Madalyn)


This was a complete guide about Treasure Of Nadia Crafting Recipes. I hope you would like this article. And you can read more articles related to the tier lists on our blog. And if you have any queries or questions then let me know in the comment section.

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