Roblox My Hero Mania Codes

Roblox My Hero Mania Codes

The two sides of a coin are inseparable. Likewise, both anime and Roblox are inseparable since there is no fan who does not want to play Roblox with or as their favorite character. The Roblox game My Hero Mania is also clearly inspired by the classic anime “My Hero Academia”. There are codes specially made for this game known as My Hero Mania codes. 

Roblox My Hero Mania Codes
Roblox My Hero Mania Codes

Roblox My Hero Mania Codes List August 2022

Even though the codes are freely available, they usually expire fairly quickly. So, the creators will release a limited number of usable codes in order to maintain the cycle of claiming and redeeming codes. Codes that are known to work currently are listed below. Feel free to try them out for yourself:

360kgoal13 Spins
thank350k 13 Spins
330kLIKES 12 spins
Easter340k 10 spins, 2 rare spins
230kcode5 spins
310kLIKES 11 common spins
320kday 12 spins
330kLIKES 12 spins
big300k 5 common spins and 2 rare spins
240kCODE 7 spins

What are My Hero Mania Codes?

In the My Hero Mania Roblox game, you need multiple spins to level up and get powerful Quirks, a fundamental element of the game. You have to try and develop your Quirk as you gain different kinds of powers throughout your adventurous journey.

You are led to a dream world with various types of players with a vast range of Quirks at different energy levels. Below, there are a few example codes that can be used to redeem free spins, ranging anywhere from 5 – 15 spins per code.

Why Do Gamers Look for Roblox My Hero Mania Codes?

Dedicated Roblox players search far and wide for codes to raise their chances of winning against other players and becoming a My Hero Mania fighting legend.

Roblox My Hero Mania Code Wiki

When it comes to free spins, there are actually a few distinct types, varying from normal or common spins to legendary spins, with each consisting of different items, including quirks and in-game accessories. The Roblox My Hero Mania Code wiki serves as a guide that gives plenty of information about codes and their redeemable rewards.

How to Redeem My Hero Mania Codes:

To redeem your My Hero Mania codes, simply follow these steps:

1: Install the Roblox My Hero Mania game and launch it.

2: Open the menu bar that displays on the sport screen.

3: Copy any valid code of your choice into the entry box.

4: Congratulations! You have just earned a reward, enjoy!


My Hero Mania has many features that resemble the original anime from which it was inspired. It allows players to experience different kinds of epic adventures in the popular Roblox format. These codes are needed to take full advantage of the scope of the game. We hope that this article proves to be helpful for you!


Does My Hero Mania have codes?

Yes, My Hero Mania has codes that can be redeemed to gain rewards. In My Hero Mania, the rewards may be shards of Quirks, for example.

How do you get weapons in My Hero Mania?

 In My Hero Mania, you obtain most weapons by enhancing your Quirk. You can either buy or redeem it using points you earn by completing tasks.

What are the chances of getting a legendary Quirk in My Hero Mania?

The chance of getting a legendary Quirk is around less than 5%. So, if you get a Quirk as legendary as “one for all”, know that this is incredibly rare.

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