Rick and Morty a Way Back Home Wiki

Rick and Morty a Way Back Home Wiki

Are you interested in finding out what 2022 will bring for Rick and Morty: A Way Back Home? If you’re looking for information for Rick and Morty: A Way Back Home, you’ve come to the right place.

The Rick and Morty video game, A Way Back Home, is a fantastic experience that players may share with their pals. Players can travel to numerous locales on Earth, make a wide variety of weapons, and fight alien invaders in A Way Back Home: A Rick and Morty Game.

Rick and Morty a Way Back Home Wiki
Rick and Morty a Way Back Home Wiki

What Is Rick and Morty a Way Back Home Wiki 2022?

An outstanding role-playing game called Rick and Morty: A Way Back Home was created by a fan and is freely accessible. Many American fans of Rick and Morty really enjoy playing this intriguing game because it is so simple to download and play.

GameRick And Morty A Way Back Home
Latest Versionv3.5c
Game Size1.9 GB (Android)
Developed byFerdafs
Launched20 February 2019
Last Updated16th October 2021
PlatformAndroid (APK), Windows, MAC

Players can choose from a variety of options in this game to determine what they should do next. This Rick and Morty A Way Back Home game is now at version 3.5c, and it features more than six hours of content. In addition, this edition includes a number of incredible TV show characters, with Morty and Rick being the two most well-known.

To further enhance the game’s awesomeness and uniqueness, the game developer also created his own incredible character. The player will undoubtedly adore these new characters after seeing them for the first time.

What is a Game story of Rick and Morty a way back Home?

Players will initially find Morty and Rick in a strange in-game dimension, flying on a bike to collect a crystal ball. However, the primary twist is that they are not actually alone; a large honey bee is trying to assault and stop them from getting a crystal ball.

When they both arrive at respective game dimension, Rick becomes enraged with Morty and asks him why he wasn’t shooting the huge honey bee. Morty replies that he wasn’t as confident and couldn’t shoot the big honey bee.

Morty is suddenly sent into a different in-game universe by Rick, which is actually the same as the previous one but in which everyone has grown up nicely, including Morty.

Rick and Morty a Way Back Home Features

Here are some incredible aspects of Rick and Morty: A Way Home.

Official Characters from the Rick and Morty Show

Since the game creator has incorporated so many unique characters from the actual programmed, players may now effortlessly interact with them while completing missions and objectives.

The creator plans to include a few additional show characters in a future game update, which will be an incredible experience.

Support for Multiple Devices

The Rick and Morty A Way Back Home game is currently supported by a variety of devices, including Windows, Android, and IOS, allowing people to play the game on a device that suits them best.

Before downloading this fantastic game, make sure to verify the download choice and indicated device type because the game file is genuinely distinct for every device.

Just add the MOD and unlock

Fans of the Rick and Morty way back home games are creating a tonne of mods for them, which players can use to easily unlock new quests, items, and other features.


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