Murder mystery 3 codes August 2022(Free Knife)

Murder mystery 3 codes

Are you a gamer who loves Murder Mystery and is desperately searching for Murder Mystery 3 Codes 2022

If so, you’re in the right place! We have these codes that enable you to buy fantastic items in the game for free!

In crime-solving scenarios like those found in books and movies, there are always clues left at the crime scene that police officers use to solve investigations.

Murder mystery 3 codes
Murder mystery 3 codes

Murder Mystery 3 Codes 2022

So Here we have shared some murder Mystery 3 codes. You try out these codes. We don’t make any guarantee that it will work or not. We have picked these code from internet with some sources. So you can try your luck.

S1LEnter the code to claim a prize
LUG3REnter the code to win a Blue Luger
H1DD3NEnter the code to receive a Hidden Sparkletime Pet.
T3N!Use the code to obtain a 10M Knife.
INF3RN4LEnter code INF3RN10 to redeem an Infernal Axe
BAGUETTEIn return, receive a baguette knife
T1NYFor a Pink Tiny Mallet, validate this code
SK00LPencil Sword and Pencil Revolver redemption code
S0RR0WCode for a Blade of Sorrow.
GH05TGhost Scythe redemption code
3DG3DUse the code to purchase a Void Scythe
R3TURNReturn Knife redemption code
B0XBox Cutter Knife redemption code
V4P0R!Redeem for a Vaporwave Sword with
UPD4T3Fortune Gun and Honor Knife activation code. 
P0T4T0Potato Knife redeeming code
PDJRegister code for a PDJ Knife
PH4R40HPharaoh’s Slayer Knife redemption code
3DG3DRedeem code for a Void Scythe
TH0RUnlock code for Thor’s Hammer
S3NRedeem code for a Sen Knife

What is Murder Mystery 3 Game?

Murder Mystery 3 is one of the most popular games on Roblox. It’s a game where you can solve puzzles to figure out who murdered the victim. Many gamers are looking for Murder Mystery 3 codes so they can get ahead in the game. The codes can be used to get different items and benefits in the game.

There are many websites that claim to have Murder Mystery 3 codes, but not all of them are legitimate.

It’s important to be careful when looking for codes, because there are many scams out there. If you’re looking for Murder Mystery 3 codes, the best place to start is the official Roblox website. You can also find codes on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.

There are also many YouTube videos that claim to have Murder Mystery 3 codes, but again, not all of them are legitimate. If you’re looking for codes, the best thing to do is to research them before you use them. This way you can be sure that they’re safe and that you’re getting the benefits that you want.

Murder Mystery 3 is a great game, and if you use codes wisely, you can get ahead in the game and enjoy it even more.

What is Murder Mystery 3 Game Wiki?

  • It is nothing but a wiki for the video game Murder Mystery 3. 
  • The Murder Mystery game series has attracted millions of players worldwide. 
  • Murder Mystery 3, the most recent edition, has recently been made available.
  • This exciting new instalment retains many aspects of its predecessors while adding new twists to keep the players guessing. 
  • The wiki covers the in-game content of Murder Mystery 3. It will cover additional information about the game, such as guides on how to play it better, what the strategy for specific cases is, and similar topics.

How To Redeem Murder Mystery 3 codes

1: First of all, you need to start the Roblox MM3 on your computer or mobile device.

2: Then, check the corner of the display for the Twitter Bird logo button.

3: Once you see that Twitter Bird logo button, you must select the Twitter bird code symbol.

4: You will then need to insert an operational code from the list provided in this Wiki, then press the enter or return key.

5: Last but not least, you will be able to collect your prize.


These Murder Mystery 3 Codes are created for beginners of the murder mystery 3(MM3) game. This wiki is in the early development stage and will add more content over time as we study and create codes ourselves.

Have fun with Murder Mystery 3 Codes for a Free Online Game!

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