Is It Safe To Uninstall Google Play Store?

Is It Safe To Uninstall Google Play Store?

On the majority of Android smartphones, the Google Play Store comes preloaded. You may download apps, books, movies, and other content to your phone. There can be many reasons for you to uninstall Google Play Store, and this must have come to your mind: is it safe to uninstall Google Play Store? Let’s look at how you can uninstall Google Play Store and its updates on Android and Android Box.

Is It Safe To Uninstall Google Play Store?

What Is Google Play Store?

Google Play Store is Google’s platform for providing its users with many types of digital material. The Google Play Shop is not merely an app store, despite what some people may believe. Here, you may access material of every kind. Along with your typical Android applications, the Google Play Store also sells music, movies, books, and games.

Since you can buy material digitally, Google is offering a sizable library of songs from all around the world, but that needs a membership or a one-time payment. In contrast to the abundance of free applications and games, movies and books may be bought. Some of those games and applications have a purchase requirement, while others do not, but everything is made plain in the app descriptions.

What Is Use Of Google Play Store?

In addition to games and applications, the Google Play Store also hosts certain other digital items. In the Play Store, you may find movies, books, and music. Google essentially created the Play Store as a central location where its consumers could access a variety of digital materials. Given that the Play Store was primarily developed for Android handsets, the primary content would likely be applications and games. But since then, the service has significantly expanded.

A lot of individuals use the Play Store to obtain the newest music available or to purchase books to read. Although at least in the great majority of places, movies are still fairly expensive, that is a choice. From this point on, the Google Play Store catalog can only expand, and who knows, Google could eventually start adding TV episodes to the mix. The service was launched in late 2008, albeit it wasn’t initially known as the Google Play Store. But more on that later.

How Do I Uninstall Google Play Strop App On Android?

Let one thing be clear to you: you cannot entirely delete the Google Play Store from your phone. You may disable it or uninstall any recent updates, though.

  • The first step that you will need to do on your Android device is that you go to Settings.
  • Inside the Settings, you will have to find the Applications tab, inside which you can easily find the Google Play Store app, as all the apps are listed here.
  • Click and hold the Disable button. There will be a confirmation pop-up. When prompted, affirm.
  • Neither installing nor updating programs will be possible after you have disabled the Play Store from your phone. However, current apps won’t see any changes. They won’t be taken off of your phone.

How To Uninstall Google Play Store Updates?

  • The first step that you need to follow is to find the Settings on your Android Smartphone in order to uninstall the Google Play Store Updates on your device.
  • Tap Apps, then under All apps, tap “Google Play Store.”
  • You will have to tap on the three dots in the corner and afterward choose the Uninstall Updates option so that you can complete the process of uninstalling Google Play Store Updates.
  • You may still access the Play Store icon on your phone and use it as usual. Apps may be updated and installed. The apps you already have will be secure.

How To Uninstall Google Play Store On Chromebook?

One can’t delete or uninstall Google Play Store on Chromebook; however, you can always disable the service on your device if it suits your needs. The process of disabling the Google Play Store on a Chromebook is similar to disabling the Google Play Store on any other Android Smartphone or device that you may be using, as described below:

  • As stated before, you will have to go to the Settings and find the Google Play Store App inside the settings.
  • So, by using a similar method to disabling the Google Play Store on any Android device, you can disable the Google Play Store on Chromebook as well. 

Is It Safe To Uninstall Google Play Store On Android Box?

The Google Play Store cannot really be removed from an Android smartphone. You may change it in the options. If you disable Play Store, a number of apps may cause you problems. The fact that you can only disable the Google Play Store on Android Box and not uninstall it is due to a simple logic that uninstalling Google Play Store on Android Box would not be safe for your device.

Your device could malfunction, or you could encounter multiple problems if you somehow delete or remove the Google Play Store from your Android Box.

Is It Safe To Uninstall Google Play Store Without Root?

By rooting your Android smartphone, you may remove Google Play Store rather than disable it. You must be informed of the effects before you root your smartphone.

if you want to root your phone then you can root your Android handset using programs like Kingroot. You may delete Play Store after rooting your smartphone in the same way you would other apps.

There is no way you could uninstall Google Play Store without Root. You could disable the Google Play Store, but that too could be dangerous for your device. So, it is not safe to uninstall Google Play Store without Root if you have somehow found a method to do such a thing.

Can I Uninstall And Reinstall Google Play Store?

Uninstalling the Google Play Store has already been discussed in the above sections, and the subsequent details provide the method to Reinstall Google Play Store on your device.

You must re-enable the Google Play Store if you deactivated it as previously demonstrated in order to utilize it. Open “Settings -> Apps -> Google Play Store” and select Enable to accomplish this.

As long as the Google Play Store is linked to a functional Internet connection, it will, by default, update itself in the background. The Google Play Store will update itself after you disable or delete its updates if you don’t touch it for a short while.

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