Idle Angels Tier List

Idle Angels Tier List

The idle angle game concentrates on Angels, collecting and improving them, and allowing you to engage in cooperative combat with companions.

This game had a list known as idle angels tiers lists; in this article, you will learn about the Idle angels’ tier list and a complete tier list of idle angels game.

This tier list will help you bring your angel up to speed so he can defend you. It also helps you fight against your pal and make you victorious.

What Is Idle Angels Tier List

Get the higher in-game symbols by seeking for Idle Angels Tier List. To eliminate your adversaries, utilize the top characters from the Idle Angelic angels’ tier list.

Idle angels tier list helps you Gather and equip your angels, then fight in action with your pals. Your angels will strike by themselves even if you are unavailable on the internet. Idle tier list angels typically consist of the sharpest tools and gems. Pick the proper stance, combine the appropriate abilities, and dress appropriately.

Idle Angels Tier List

The Ideal Angel tier list is shared below, Read carefully, and ensure to use them immediately.

 Idle AngelsTier  List for All the Round -symbols

Cupidangel, Chaos angel, Icarus angel , Hera angel, Ra, Heimdal angel== Tier S

Gaia, Amaterasu, Hades, Erebus, Valkyrie, Michael Principal Angel== Tier A

Princess Bari angel , Nemesis angel , Izanami angel, Pandoraangel , Medusa angel , Shennong angel, Hephaestusangel == Tier B

Nuit angel, Xmas Angel, Fuxi angel, Zhu Rong angel, Izu Dancer angel, Lucifer angel== Tier C

Healers and Buffers symbols in Idle Angels Tier List

Nuwa angel, Hera angel, Cupid angel== Tier S

Izu Dancer angel, Xmas, Main == Tier A

Poseidon angel, Hephaestus angel== Tier B

Raphael angel, Nephthys angel== Tier C

Tankers – Idle Angels Tier List

Erebus angel, Heimdal angel== Tier S

Main Angel, Chaos angel, Hades angel, Lucifer angel, Michael angel, Valkyrie angel== Tier A

Cupid angel, Hera angel, Hephaestus angel, Gaia angel, Izu Dancer angel== Tier B                

Geb angel, Raphael angel, Sif angel, Fuxi angel, Jeanne d’Arc angel, Nemesis angel, Anubis angel, Nephthys angel== Tier C           

Niche Versus Dungeon Boss symbol in Tier List

Hera angel, Ra angel, Cupid angel, Heimdallangel== Tier S

Lucifer angel, Gaia angel, Erebus angel, Icarus angel, Hades angel, Odin angel, Valkyrie angel, Main Angel== Tier A

Princess Bari angel, Hephaestus angel, Izanami angel== Tier B     

Medusa angel, Nike angel, Geb angel, Idun angel, Phantasos angel, Jeanne d’Arc angel, Belldandy angel, Xiwangmu angel, Anubis angel, Apep angel== Tier C

Niche Versus Guild Boss symbol in Tier List

Siren, Ra, Lucifer, Icarus, Odin== Tier S         

Heimdall, Valkyrie, Zhu Rong, Hades, Main Angel== Tier A            

Xiwangmu, Gaia, Nike, Princess Bari, Izanami, Tsukuyomi== Tier B                   

Sif, Apep, Lilith== Tier C

Idle Angels Tier List Wiki

Idle angels tiers creator had created a tier list for its user so the player can get an advantage in the game; the tier list of idle angels helps its user in such a way that Even if you are not online, your angels will battle on their own. You can quickly obtain powerful equipment and jewels in this fashion and select the appropriate equipment, the appropriate skills, and the appropriate angel.

The idle angel’s tier list helps build your “Invincible Fleet” using your wisdom!

The fighting system, adventure missions, collecting, training, awakening Angels, and idle mode. Do you want a shield to protect you from dark claws, brother? Would you want to toast your old friend following the battle’s success? Put on my garments, and let’s defeat the foe together! These can be done if you are familiar with the idle angel tier list.


So it was all about Idle Angels Tier List. Read this article to get complete information. If you have any queries then let me know in the comment box. I will try to solve your problem.

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