Identity Fraud Morse Code

Identity Fraud Morse Code

Identity Fraud Morse Code is an online horror game. This game provides puzzles and code decoding at different stages in the game. Players use a hexadecimal decoder to decode the game and move to the next stage.

In the game, one can experience several mazes. And after overcoming every maze, the player finally comes face-to-face with the final boss.

During the game, players interact with mighty monsters, and they need to beat them, or the monster will destroy the player. 

 Identity Fraud Maze 3 stage is slightly different as it requires a translator to decode the code.

Identity fraud morse code
Identity fraud morse code

What is Identity Fraud Morse Code?

Identity Fraud Morse is a horror and adventure gaming concept developed by Motherboard. Identity Fraud Morse games bring into contact with numerous mazes. The goal of this game is to get away from the mazes and arrive at the final boss. During the game, users have to face and overcome different energetic monsters.

In the Identity Fraud Morse Code game, users must beat the codes to move to the next maze. Fraud is one of the monsters in disguise mode, alongside Stan, the staring monster, the last hurdle’s final boss monster.

Why do gamers need Identity Fraud Morse Code?

To move forward to the following maze stage, user has to beat the monsters during the game.

In the game, players have to beat the monsters or else they will destroy the player, and they will be unable to move to the next maze level.

Identity Fraud Maze 1

Maze 1 is the stage where players detect the mirror. The mirror provides a route forward in the game. After detecting the mirror, move towards the right and stick to the left side of the wall. Continuing to the left will land the player in the Maze 2-door area. 

Identity Fraud Roblox Maze 2 

Roblox Maze 2 game stage continues with the left side of the wall displaying a green-colored door. Then the Maze 2 code option will appear. Players have to put the correct numerical value in the chat box, and then it will land in the door area of maze 3.

Identity Fraud Morse Code Maze 3 

Identity Fraud Morse code Maze 3 is considered unique compared to other mazes. To move ahead, players have to solve the maze code. The cracking of the codes needs a translator, or the players can note it down on paper. Maze 3 stage becomes smoother by playing multiplayer.

Identity Fraud Maze 4 Code 

Maze 4 stage players have to detect a box with 7-digit characters and 2 large metal doors. To get into the boss room, players have to break the code through a hexadecimal decoder and put the 7-digit code into the decoder area.

This decoding process converts it into a sentence. Check through the sentences to move forward to the metal doors.


What is the Morse code in Identity Fraud game?

The Morse Code is a specific signal that needs to figure out, translate and solve numbers to move forward to the next stage.

How to read Morse code in Identity Fraud?

Make use of the Identity fraud morse code translator to read Morse code in Identity Fraud. 

What is the Last Code in Identity Fraud Game?

This puzzle test involves a particular code to reach the boss door area that is a sequence of hexadecimal. 

How to Decode Code in the Identity Fraud Game?

To decode the game, a hexadecimal decoder will assist. Use the 7-digit code in the game stage to decode the morse code game.

How to Open the Door in Identity Fraud?

To open the door, click the tiny button on the wall adjacent to the door.

How many Mazes are in Identity Fraud Game?

There are 3 mazes and one special maze in the game.

How to Decode Morse Code?

Use the dash or dot to enter Morse code. Spaces and words detach the letters by ‘I’ or ‘/’. ‘#’ will display in case of failure to translate.


So, Identity Fraud Morse Code is a puzzle and solving game. Players have to break the code to get to the final stage. It is a good game in the mind games category.

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