How To Use Oyo Money

How To Use Oyo Money

Hello Friends How are you? I hope you are well and doing good. Are you an Oyo User and using the Oyo app a lot in a week and wanted to know how to use OYO money. So don’t worry guys you are landed on the right page.

This today I will teach you how you can use your Oyo money if you have it in your OYO account. This is very easy and simple to use it. You just need to read this post carefully and properly. You will understand how it’s works. And one more thing if you want daily news updates like Free recharge, Free Earning app, and Cryptocurrency news then you should join our Telegram channel.

What is Oyo?

OYO is an online hotel searching application with the help of which we can book hotels online at any time from any place. Hotel booking has become much easier with the advent of Oyo. While traveling, people can book their hotel while traveling and pay online. This saves us a lot of time and to some extent, we also get discounts on Oyo. Nowadays 90% of the people do hotel booking online only. That’s why OYO is very popular in India. If you do not know how to use the Oyo app, then after reading this post you will not need anyone that how to use an online hotel or Oyo app.

How to use Oyo Money in Oyo App

If you use the Oyo apps more then you will know how to use OYO money. And if you are a new user and you do not know how to use OYO money? So in today’s post, we will tell you how you can use your OYO account money. This virtual currency depends on the city and property where you want to use it. The money is the place and city-specific. So, it is quite possible that it may not work in some homes or properties. It may not apply to every area you want to use it.

And the second thing to keep in your mind you can use only 10 or 30 % of the money from your Oyo wallet. You can’t use all the money from one booking. You can only use it in the Oyo app for room bookings and other related services. Oyo Money is an excellent option to consider if you make bookings of the room frequently from the application.

Does Oyo refund money?

Whenever we make any booking online, the first question that comes to our mind is that after the online payment will be refunded? Similarly, whenever you book hotels online on Oyo and after making payment, you must have a question if I cancel the booking, will I get my refund or not. Yes, you will definitely get your refund. if you have to apply for a refund from Oyo under any circumstances, Oyo will refund all your money after a bit of deduction to you. The applicable refund will be credited to your account after 7-14 working days. You can get the Oyo money credited as a refund instantly in your account.

How to get free Rewards in Oyo

There are many ways to get free Oyo money in your account. Some are easy and some are differents. But you can get free money in your Oyo wallet. The easiest of them is using referral codes. You can refer the app to your friends and family and can earn Oyo money from it. So, referrals can be instrumental in helping you get free Oyo money. There are other offers also going on the website or app from where you can get money. You need to be aware and keep checking for the free Oyo money on it. Offers are going on the app the whole year. There are many ways to make free Oyo money, and then you know how to use Oyo money in Oyo App so that you can take full advantage of it.

How to Book Oyo Rooms

It is very easy to book a hotel room by app Oyo, you can easily book a room by paying online on your smartphone or by visiting Oyo’s website. A Simple 3 Tap Booking process lets you book hotels tonight. Book a room in under a minute, without any hassle.

  1. Search: Search for rooms in top cities across 37+ plan your next travel, and OYO will find you a hotel to stay
  2. Shortlist: Apply filters and shortlist top choices for your travel. Location, price, type of room, facilities, and payment options to narrow your search.
  3. Review: Find all the information you require for your travel needs about any hotel on their detail page. Prices, amenities, guest rules, and more are clearly detailed out for complete transparency


This is about this article. I hope you would enjoy this earning method. If you have any queries then you can ask us in the comment section. I will try my best to help you. And if you want current updates then keep visiting our site. And if you want daily updates about daily earning apps, Free Airdrops, and some Tech News then join our Telegram channel.

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