How To Turn Off Alarm On Samsung Phone?

How To Turn Off Alarm On Samsung Phone?

Alarms are simple to set up on mobile devices using the Android operating system, including Samsung tablets and smartphones. You may deactivate an alarm that you no longer required to prevent it from going off or cancel an alarm after it has already gone off to stop it from ringing again. An alarm that goes off during a session can be canceled from the screen that shows, but, to turn off an alarm, you must access the app’s settings.

So, if you are wondering how to turn off the alarm on a Samsung phone, then this article will teach you everything about the process.

How To Turn Off Alarm On Samsung Phone?
How To Turn Off Alarm On Samsung Phone?

How To Turn Off Alarm On Samsung Phone?

You wake up one day full excited to start your gym routine and set all the different alarms to take all the exercises at the right time. However, after just a week, you start to lose the momentum and engage in other stuff. But the alarms that you had set are still ringing every day, even during your important meetings. You must be tired of hearing all those alarms all day long and must be searching for a way ot turn off all the unnecessary alarms on your Samsung Phone. If this is the case, then read the following instructions to know how you can turn off an Alarm on your Samsung Phone.

  • First of all, you will have to navigate to the Alarm settings that can be found by clicking on the Clock showing the time on your Home Screen.
  • After this, you will have to click on the Alarm icon at the bottom and turn off any unnecessary alarms that you may not need anymore.

How To Turn Off Alarm On Samsung Phone With Broken Screen?

If you want to turn off the Alarm on your Samsung Phone, but your phone has a broken screen, then you will need to take some care while turning off the Alarm.

  • This is because the process of turning off your Alarm on a Samsung phone with a broken screen is a bit tricky as the broken screen would make the touch go dead, and you will be unable to turn off the Alarm.
  • So, as the touch won’t work on a phone with a broken screen and you will have to hear the ringing Alarm for many days while not having the power to turn it off.
  • If this happens, you can try holding the Power and Volume Down buttons simultaneously to power off your phone in order to silence the alarm.

How To Turn Off Alarm On Samsung Dryer?

Set the “Sounds on/off” option to off by navigating to it.

  • The cycle completion song, alert, and power-off melody are all inoperable when the function is turned off.
  • But the machine’s other noises will continue to play. For instance, the noises that play when buttons are pressed are on by default and cannot be turned off.
  • Even if you restart the washing machine after turning the sound on or off, the setting will stay in place.

How To Turn Off Alarm Clock On Samsung Tablet?

First of all, you will have to open the Clock from the Apps on the Home Screen of your Samsung Tablet so that you can turn off the Alarm clock on Samsung Tablet. To set off an alarm, press 1. The following settings are movable:

  • Time: To set the time the alarm will go off, touch the up or down arrows and AM or PM.
  • To have the alarm go off on the chosen days each week, tick the Repeat weekly option.
  • Alarm tone: Select the tone that will be used for the alarm.

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