How To Send Video From iPhone To Android

How To Send Video From iPhone To Android

In the modern world, you may use the camera on your phone to capture and save important moments in the form of films and images. Transferring videos from Android to Android or iPhone to iPhone is simple. However, transferring files from iPhone to Android is more difficult. However, one thing is certain: anything is conceivable.

To put it another way, there are several methods for transferring iPhone videos to an Android smartphone. In this post, we’ll go over three techniques for transferring videos from an iPhone to an Android phone.

Three Best Ways To Send Video From iPhone To Android

Methods #1 ->Transfer Photos From iPhone To Android With Google Photos

Google Photos has been the best solution for moving images between iPhone and Android. Photos, like other Google applications, is available on a variety of systems, and even several iPhone users who use Android prefer this to iCloud Photos due to a variety of reasons.

You receive free unlimited online storage on Google Photographs to store your high-quality pictures and videos (at a little lower resolution) now (until June 2022). To get started, just install Google Photos from App Store on the iPhone as well as the Google Play Store for your Android smartphone. Follow the step by steps guide listed below.

  • Download and install the Google Photos app on your Android or iPhone device and then login in via your Google account.
  • You’ll be prompted to save your photographs with Google before setting up Pictures on that iPhone. Make absolutely sure the feature is turned on.

That’s exactly it. If you would not want to access your complete collection using your Android phone, for example, if you simply would like to share a few images with a buddy, you should utilize the Sharing function rather.

  • Choose the photographs you want to share with your buddy after uploading them to Google Photos on your iPhone.
  • Just on the iPhone, press the Share option.
  • From either the easier or convenient, select Create links.
  • Copy the URL, then paste it into any social media program.
  • Your buddy will be allowed to see and download these photos using Google Photos or a computer after receiving the link.

Methods #2 ->Share Files From iPhone to Android With Google Drive

Google Drive is among the wonderful cloud storage solutions for backing up your data. Fortunately, you receive 15GB of free space to get started straight away, which is plenty for uploading and sharing files from iPhone to Android. Here’s how to transmit files between iPhone and Android if you’re willing to use your mobile internet or have access to a WiFi network.

  • Using your iPhone device, download Google Drive and open it.
  • Then it uses your Google account.
  • Click on the Browse option then pick the file system you wish to share by tapping the big Plus symbol.
  • Wait for the items to complete uploading, so if you’re sharing huge files, link to a WiFi connection to minimize excessive data usage.
  • After that the uploading is finished, you may access the data on your Android smartphone just using the same Gmail account.

Whether you’re transmitting data to a buddy or just don’t want the full Drive on your Android smartphone, you can select to transfer the items using a link alternatively. This is how you will accomplish it.

  • Using your iPhone, browse the shared folder/file.
  • Click the 3-dot icon beside it and then select the Share option from the drop-down menu.
  • Enter the Android receiver’s email address after clicking on it. The file is immediately received by the Android recipient, who may discover it in the Shared folder.

Alternatively, you can provide a hyperlink. Upon tapping the 3-dot icon on the screen, select Send the link from the settings.

Methods #3 ->Send Videos from iPhone to Android via SHAREit:

SHARE It is among the most reliable and quick applications for moving files from iPhone to Android. If you’re wondering how to transfer images and movies from an iPhone to an Android device, this section is for you.

  • Using your iPhone, launch SHAREit. Just go to the “Video” box and pick media to transfer by tapping the “Send” button. Upon selecting your video files, press the “OK” option.
  • On your Android smartphone, open the SHARTit application. Select “Receive” from the menu. Allow for your iPhone to discover your Smartphones.

Verify your iPhone for the Android smartphone during the scanning. You’ll be allowed to see your Android smartphone’s icon. The files will be transferred to your Android smartphone after you click upon that avatar.


How To Send Video From iPhone To Android Bluetooth

The iPhone features built-in Bluetooth capability, but its system software limits its wireless file transmission capabilities. Both iPhone and Android phones should be operating the same third-party Bluetooth data transfer software to transmit data wirelessly.

  • On both smartphones, open the Bump application.
  • Select the file kind you wish to transmit a form of the sender’s phone by tapping the subcategory icon. Click the “Music” icon upon that iPhone, for instance, to transmit audio files from the iPhone to the Android.
  • From the collection of accessible items on the sender’s phone, select the exact file you wish to transmit.
  • Close the distance between the two devices between one or two feet. Shake each phone vigorously. Instead, both the transmitter and the recipient can take a phone in their hands and softly bump fists against it. This begins the transmission & enables the devices to communicate via Bluetooth.
  • To get the data, press the “Receive” tab on the recipient’s phone. As quickly as the link is approved, the transmission will proceed.

How can I wirelessly move from an iPhone to an Android smartphone?

To link to the hotspots recommended by the Android smartphone, just go to iPhone and then Settings after that, WiFi. On your smartphone, launch the data transmission application, select Send, then navigate to the Pictures section in the Choose Media window and hit the Send option at the bottom.

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