How To Hide Photos On Android

How To Hide Photos On Android

On an Android smartphone, there are also several ways to keep photographs concealed. Nevertheless, some methods are more secure than others. Some, for example, just delete photos from your stream so that they’re not accessible whenever you hand your smartphone over to a friend or relative. Most private apps, on the other hand, ensure that photographs are only available within the software and that each usage requires authorization.

So, if you’re curious about how to hide images on Android smartphones and safeguard your security, here are a few quick and easy solutions.

How To Hide Photos On Android
How To Hide Photos On Android

Best Ways To Hide Photos on Android

Personal and official photographs and videos are stored on your Android smartphone. It might also contain personal, confidential, or sensitive media files that you don’t wish to share with strangers.

Hiding your photographs and videos on your Android smartphone is the easiest way to keep them secret. To hide photos android app, use the techniques listed below.

Methods #1 | Hide Photos Using File Manager on Android

You can also use a file manager to create a concealed file and move your secret information to it. This technique is simple, but it is not the best option for easy setup and browsing. If you are looking for how to hide photos on Android without an app, check out the instructions below. 

Note: That’s an outdated way of hiding photographs that do not work on all devices.

  • Using your Android smartphone, run the file manager.
  • Create a folder with a dot (.) at the start and a title at the end. Such as the .nomedia domain.
  • When you’re done, drag the pictures you really want to hide in that folder; they’ll be completely hidden from the gallery and any other media app.
  • Keep in mind that your images are still accessible instead if they are hidden because they are not secured with the password.

Methods #2 | Hide Photos On A Samsung Phone:

If you have a Samsung Smartphone, such as the Galaxy S21 Plus, you may use a powerful, secure mode to keep your personal photographs and movies hidden.

  • Head to the Settings app, go to Biometric data & Safety, and then to Private Folder.
  • You might well be required to sign in to their account and accept the conditions.
  • You could now customize your Private Folder by deciding whether it will display in the application launcher, how and where to retrieve it, whether this would lock immediately once the display is turned off, and other features.
  • We suggest using your fingerprint to unlock it and configuring it to lock when the display switches off.
  • Look at a picture you wish to hide inside the Gallery application.
  • To pick it, click and hold it, then press the 3 vertical dots in the bottom right corner.
  • From the drop-down menu, select Transfer to Private Folder.

To unhide photographs, go to the Private Folder in the Gallery application, press and hold to select them, after which click the 3 vertical dots in the upper right and Pick.

Methods #3 | Hide Pictures & Videos – Vaulty:

You may access protected photographs and videos in Vaulty’s secret photo gallery. You may establish numerous vaults to arrange certain collections of photographs.

  • Password protection by password or text
  • For a specific group of photographs and videos, create additional vaults.
  • A mugshot option is available that takes a photo of anybody who types an incorrect password.
  • Free online backup that allows you to save secret video files in the event that your smartphone is damaged or lost.

Methods | Hide Photos In Google Photos:

If you want to rapidly conceal photographs from a photo gallery, the Google Photos Archive feature is a simple answer. It will, therefore, remain available in the search engine results and archives folders. Use this way to swiftly remove your vulnerable photographs from the primary gallery, not conceal them. Here are the procedures.

  • Using your smartphone, open the Google Photos app.
  • Upon that top-left edge of the screen, click the hamburger bar symbol.
  • Choose the Archive option.
  • To add photographs, select the add files icon beside the three dots in the top left corner of the s.
  • After choosing the photos, you want to store, click Continue. Picked photographs from the primary gallery would be relocated to the archive section.


How can I locate my Android’s secret images?

  • Click the File Manager tab to launch the program;
  • Find the “Setting” option under the “Menu” box.
  • Select “Settings.”
  • Toggle the checkbox “Show Hidden Files,” and you’ll be allowed to see all of your secret files once again!

In the gallery, where can I find my private pictures?

To see photographs or material saved in Secret Mode, go to:

  • Enable Hidden Mode. You can do that in one of two ways.
  • Insert your password, fingerprint, or passcode for Private Mode.
  • The Private Mode symbol will appear at the top of your display when Private Mode is enabled.
  • There will now be private files and photographs accessible.

How can I conceal photographs on Android without installing an app?

There are 5 Safe Ways to Hide Images on Android Instead Of using an Application

  • Hide them with your phone’s built-in capability.
  • Make use of the file manager.
  • Making use of a media file.
  • Your gallery contents are being compressed.
  • The file extensions of the collection pieces have been removed.

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