How To Give People Robux In Roblox Complete Step By Step Guide?

How To Give People Robux In Roblox?

Do you want to learn how to give people Robux in Roblox? You should read this post. 

It is indeed feasible! You have a lot of choices, and this post will provide you with a thorough explanation of how to give Robux in addition to effective methods of doing so. 

So, carefully read it. Later on, you’ll thank us!

Although you can play Roblox for free, it does cost a little bit of money. You must buy Robux from the shop as in-game currency. 

So, why not donate some to others?

How To Give People Robux In Roblox Complete Step By Step Guide?
How To Give People Robux In Roblox Complete Step By Step Guide?

How To Give People Robux in Group Step by Step?

1: First step is to Create a group.

2: Now next step is Fill up the blanks of the Group tab in the Roblox menu bar and then create a gaming pass or different products the group can trade.

3: On the group page’s right side, click the three dots tab and then Configure Group. 

Go to Revenue > Payouts > One-time Payouts > Add Payout Recipients to add payout beneficiaries.

4: Wait for other people to purchase those items. Credit will be added to your account when they make a purchase.

5: As soon as you pay, the credits will be applied to your account. To send folks Robux on their phones, simply fill in the boxes in the Group Menu on Roblox.

6: To sign in, enter your Roblox login information. “Catalog” or “Avatar shop” should be selected. 

7: You will be prompted to choose if you want to use Robux as payment after hitting the “Buy” button.

8: To complete the transaction, click “Continue”.

How To Give Robux After Buying Game Passes?

One of the things that people do on Roblox is buy new items and build tools to decorate their game character. 

The currency used on Roblox is called “Robux”. With this currency, you can purchase outfits, hats, t-shirts, caps, and more! 

To get your hands on some Robux, you will need a Game Pass from GameStop or Walmart. 

For 20 Robux, you get the opportunity to download a Roblox game for FREE! 

You will be able to play the game for free for a week. 

After that period is up, you will have to pay 20 Robux (20% of the price of the game) to continue playing.


In conclusion, this is how to give people Robux in Roblox on the internet. You can use one or all of them as a combination. 

We expect that using these techniques may help you to resolve your issue with providing Robux to others.

If you think someone else might benefit from reading this post, please let them know! We always appreciate hearing from you!

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