How To Delete Voicemail On android

How To Delete Voicemail On android

Are you looking for the simplest way to erase voicemail on Android without having a force-stop the app? When the individual phoned has been unable to take the call, the caller frequently leaves a voicemail message. Nonetheless, voicemails are now utilized to send messages about different goods and services offered by numerous firms. This feature reminds me of old-school answering machines.

We’ve got you covered whenever you need to delete voicemail messages on Android because your phone is full and you will need to produce a place for new messages. Let’s just get going.

Best Methods How To Delete Voicemail on Android

Various Android cellphones may have multiple procedures for deleting voicemails. Based on the device model you’re operating, the procedures may change somewhat. Some smartphones include a visual voicemail app, while others need you to view your voicemails using the Phone dialer app. On the Google Play Store, you can also get third-party visual voicemail applications.

Nevertheless, the procedure is nearly identical for all devices. In either case, we’ll show you how to remove voicemails. Don’t be alarmed if your gadget displays slightly different directions than the ones we’ll be displaying. Simply follow the directions you believe will get you to your target.

Methods #1 | Delete Voicemail With The Phone Dialer App:

Launch The Phone Application: It generally features a symbol that looks like an antique phone. To access it, click the symbol on your main screen or in your applications menu.

Call Your Carrier’s Voicemail Number: Based on your cell provider, the number that you dial for voicemail might well be changed. To reach your carrier’s voicemail, follow the directions below.

  • T-Mobile: Upon that keypad, press and hold the digit 1.
  • Verizon: customers should dial *86 and then press the phone symbol.
  • Sprint: Dial the phone number.

Permit the call to be forwarded to voicemail.

Even during voicemail recording, press *.

  • AT&T: On just the dial panel, press and hold digit 1.

If there is one, Enter a password: Click the number keys and afterward the # symbol to confirm the voicemail password.

  • Attempt to enter your mobile number if you do not even remember your password. If that doesn’t succeed, call your mobile phone service provider for help.

To store a voicemail, dial 9: There could be several voicemail notes. If you don’t want to remove a voicemail, click “9” upon that dial keypad to keep it and move along to the next voicemail.

Tap “7” on the dial keyboard to delete a voicemail: Whenever you receive a voicemail you would really like to erase, click “7” on the dial keypad.

Methods #2 | Delete Voicemails With Built-In Voicemail App:

  • Open the phone Voicemail application on your device. Pick the voicemails you would like to remove from the mailbox.
  • Just on the upper right, click the three-dot symbol.
  • From the submenu, choose Delete. The voicemails you’ve chosen will be erased.

There have been a few reports that now the three-dot symbol is removed from certain users’ Voicemail apps, preventing them from deleting their voicemails. The excellent thing is that this issue has a simple remedy. The three-dot symbol has indeed been successfully restored to the top right corner of the application after deleting the caches and application data. Is your Voicemail application’s three-dot symbol also missing? Then we referred that you do the steps given below:

  • Open the Settings menu bar on Android phones.
  • Navigate to the bottom of the Applications tab. To access it, simply press it.
  • From the list of apps, choose the Voicemail application. Simply click on it to open it.
  • From the drop-down menu, select the Storage option.
  • Click on Wipe caches initially, next Erase data when the next alert appears, select Agree. It will remove all of the Voicemail application’s settings.
  • This will remove all of the Voicemail’s settings, data, documents, users, and so on.
  • Launch the Voicemail application once more and verify. There will be a three-dot symbol.

If neither one of the previous methods work, you can use the Google Play Store to install a third-party voicemail application.

Steps | Remove Voicemail Notification On Android:

Even though the voicemail alert is meant to display when fresh voicemails arrive, the voicemail symbol frequently appears on the notification center while no new mails have arrived. Except for the voicemail indicator, all gets wiped whenever you clean the notice bar. Isn’t that a bit annoying?

However, we’ve discovered a simple, quick, and effective solution for removing this obnoxious indicator from the notification area. You won’t have to forcibly stop the Voicemail or Phone apps anymore as an extra advantage. Here’s how to accomplish that in a simple step by step way:

  • Open the Settings menu for Android devices.
  • Navigate to the down of the Applications option. To access it, simply press it.
  • In the top right-hand corner, click the three-dot symbol.
  • From the submenu, choose Show system applications.
  • To locate the Phone app, scroll to the bottom. Select the very first option.
  • Then go to the APP SETTINGS and choose Notifications.
  • On the following screen, click Notifications once again.
  • To access it, select the Importance button.
  • The voicemail symbol is always available on your Android notification area since the voicemail icon’s significance is configured to Important by default.
  • Now you must change the voicemail Priority to Low.
  • Examine the Android menu to observe if the voicemail symbol is visible. The indicator will not appear again, even though there is a fresh voicemail notice.


How To Delete Voicemail On Android?

  • Using Android, there are a few options for deleting voicemail.
  • To begin, launch the Phone app then select Voicemail.
  • Then touch Erase on the text you wish to delete.
  • The next solution is to find your voicemail message within the Messages app.
  • Hold down the message and afterward hit Delete.
  • The third option is to launch the Google Voice application and select Menu > Settings from the menu bar. “Voicemail options,” for example.
  • Delete outdated messages by tapping it.

Using Android, how then do I locate my voicemail number?

  • Launch your Android device’s Settings menu.
  • To access it, click the Call options menu.
  • Select Voicemail from the drop-down menu.
  • Open then click
  • This page displays your voice mail number.

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