How To Connect Android Phone To Smart Tv

How To Connect Android Phone To Smart Tv

Combining your android smartphone screen with the smart TV can be a winning combination. Pairing your smartphone to a smart TV allows you to see images, watch Netflix, movies, audio, gaming, internet TV shows, and apps, among other things.

There are many methods to connect android phones with a smart TV. However, wireless is by far the most preferred method. How you can connect the two units depends on the sort of Smartphone and TV you have.

Here are several techniques for pairing your android smartphone and television, as well as what you should know about each. Regardless of whether you have an Android phone or not, as well as whether you have such a Smart TV or a regular HDTV, the approach may vary significantly.

This article’s major focus is on Android smartphones and Smart TVs. You’ll need to have a Smart TV to sync your mobile phone to the TV wirelessly.

How To Connect Android Phone To Smart Tv
How To Connect Android Phone To Smart Tv

Methods | Connect Android Phone To Smart TV:

Methods #1 | Connect Phone To Tv With Screencast:

A screencast may be used to link your android smartphone to the smart TV. You must, therefore, ensure that both units are in line with each other. Apple items may not be compatible with the casting for Android smartphones. For screencasting to a smart TV, Apple phones have distinct requirements and may need further connections or equipment.

  • Android devices operating version 4.2 or higher will be able to connect to the TV via the Miracast wireless projecting protocol.
  • Apple iOS phones could use Airplay to link to the television.

Methods #2 | Connect Your Mobile ToSmart Tv Via Screen Mirroring:

Although some applications do not enable projecting, screen mirroring is indeed a terrific way of connecting your smartphone to the television. This is a simple approach to linking your Smartphone to your television, but, based on your smartphone type, the procedures to link might differ.

  • Scroll down to the options menu to discover the android cast option for screen mirroring.
  • To link your screen to the tv, simply press the cast icon.

If the Google Home application doesn’t really work on your smartphone, you may download this from the Google Play Store. To link your mobile phone to the TV, first, create an account and afterward select the screencast method.

Methods #3 | Connect The Smartphone To Smart Tv Via Chromecast:

Users who have a Chromecast dongle or a TV might check to see whether the program they wish to view on TV enables casting. In just these few simple steps, users can send content via their Smartphone to their TV.

  • Make absolutely sure your Smartphone and Chromecast/smart TV will be on the same Wi-Fi connection.
  • Next, in the software, press the cast option and choose the appropriate devices to which you wish to display.
  • Hulu, HBO Now, Netflix, and Google Photos are among the applications that may be cast.

This feature is useful for applications that prevent regular screen mirroring due to pirated content. If you attempt to play anything during screen mirroring, Amazon prime, for instance, will just play sound but blackout the picture.


Is it possible to mirror the Smartphone to the smart TV without using Wi-Fi?

Screen mirroring with Miracast or other wireless display technologies establishes a direct wireless link between both the transmitting and receiving devices. As a result, there is no need for Wi-Fi or network connectivity to mirror any smartphone or tablet into any smart TV.

How can I use a USB port to link the Android Smartphone to the smart TV?

  • Find the USB connector on the TV or add a USB cable to the TV with an HDMI-to-USB converter.
  • To link the units, use a wire or adaptor which connects to either the smartphone as well as the TV.
  • Navigate to the on-screen panel or the Sources option just on the TV remote controller. Choose USB.
  • You will now be able to view the display of your Smartphone on your tv.

How to wirelessly link an Android smartphone to a television

Nowadays, linking an Android smartphone to a television is rather straightforward. Current smartphones and televisions have simple techniques that make it simple to share material. Here are a few options for wirelessly connecting an Android smartphone to a television. Screencast, Miracast, Chromecast, and more apps to link your Smartphone to the TV are available.

How can I use Bluetooth to link my phone to my smart TV?

This is a supplementary feature. Many Smart TVs support Bluetooth casting, allowing you to watch a movie and utilize applications or tablets and project them to the TV. The cast option is not available on all Smart TVs.

In addition, most Smart TVs can allow a Bluetooth connection enabling music streaming. Whether you’re listening to the music through an application like Spotify, you should link to a TV that has a stronger audio system. You may combine your TV with your phone in this instance. Linking a smart TV with such a Bluetooth capability to your phone ought to be simple.

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