East Brickton Commands Complete List August 2022

East Brickton Commands

Do you want to know about East Brickton Commands and some of its amazing controls?

You have come to the correct place since this page contains a comprehensive list of all the Roblox East Brickton Commands.

East Brickton Commands
East Brickton Commands

What is meant by East Brickton?

2018’s East Brickton is a city simulation game created by independent developer marcus760.

East Brickton commands is a game command used to give certain players in the game an advantage over other players. It can be used to teleport to specific locations, give items to players, or even create objects in the game. East Brickton commands is a very powerful tool and can be used for both good and bad.

Why does a gamer need East Brickton Commands?

East Brickton Commands and controls help you to communicate, chat, and do many unique things with the character. A gamer needs to be familiar with all of the East Brickton commands to prevent game-breaking situations.

So let’s begin the list of East Brickton commands and controls.

The player must hold the phone in their hands in order to issue an East Brickton phone command. To achieve this, press one key on the keyboard or tap the phone button at the bottom of the game screen. These commands should actually be typed into the chatbox.

Description and Use of Different Commands

   1. Phone + Chat Commands

These include chat commands through which the gamers interact and chat with each other.

  1. contactlist : This command will open the contact list.
  • /call : Through this you can call contact.
  • /sms : This helps you to text contact.
  • /givecontact : Through this one can give a number to contact.
  • /call[911] : Call emergency services.
  • /s : This will allow you to shout.
  • /wi : Through this you can whisper.
  • /pm :  Help you by text message.
  • /report : Allow you to report players.
  1. /despawncar : Wipe cars from around the world.
  1. /id [charname] : Get another player’s ID.

2. Dance Commands

These commands include the commands which will help gamers to make their characters dance.

  1. /e hdf : Dance in place.
  • /e hitdemfolks : Dance #2
  • /e sit : Sit on floor
  • /e woo : Dance
  • /e hands : Place your hands up
  • /e shoot : Jump on one foot with one hand in the air
  • /e 2shoot : Jump on opposite foot with one hand in the air
  • /e turnup : Get hype
  • /e moneybop : Dance low to the floor
  1. /e no : Shake your head no

3. Emote Chats Commands

These include emote chat commands, let us see some of them.

  1. /e shoot : Leap one foot first.
  • /e hips : Hands on hips.
  • /e sit : To sit on the floor
  • /e hands: Hands up.
  • /e hs1 : Hand Shake.
  • /e crossarms : Cross Your arms.

4. Roleplay Actions Commands

These are the commands which will help you to roleplay the actions which are done by your character in the game.

  1. /e crossarms : Cross the arms.
  • /e hips : Hands on your hips.
  • /e lean : Lean against a walled area.
  • /pay : Give money to players.
  • /startservice : Start a job.

There are no special commands, but if you need help the controls are almost identical to any other Roblox game.

  1. / : Open Chat.
  • 1, 2, 3… : Equip or Unequip Items.
  • Backspace : Drop Items.
  • Mouse Scroll Wheel : Zoom in and out of the things.
  • Shift: Hold Shift.
  • Space: Jump.


I sincerely hope that my post about East Brickton commands and controls was quite helpful to you. Do share this with everyone.

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